Lemonade Soda with Magnesium Boost
16 X 330mL


Lemonade Soda with Magnesium Boost

A refreshing and tangy lemonade that is bursting with Magnesium and boosted with Vitamin C. A delicious crowd-pleaser that keeps you going. is a great daily splash of goodness with a synergistic antioxidant blend that helps support energy levels and muscles and may reduce cramps.

Source of Wellness:

Magnesium: Essential mineral for promoting muscle function, and bone health, and supporting overall vitality
Kakadu Plum: Guarding cells, fortifying the immune system, and aiding skin and joint health
Saffron: Elevate mood, harness powerful antioxidants, and safeguard brain cells against progressive damage
Manuka Honey: Nature’s golden elixir, renowned for its unique antibacterial properties and natural healing benefits

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