Lychee Collagen Beauty Drink
16 X 330mL


Lychee Collagen Beauty Drink

Sweet tropical Lychee Ice Tea is a delicious thirst quencher boosted with Bio-active Marine Collagen peptides for glowing skin, hair and nails. Australian Kakadu Plum is a Vitamin C powerhouse that supports collagen absorption. Snow fungus has been added for its skin hydration benefits. Sip this tasty burst of flavour and get your glow on!

Source of Wellness:

Bio-active Marine Collagen: Fuel skin’s natural radiance and elasticity, and promote a youthful and vibrant complexion from within.
Snow Fungus: Nature’s hydration secret, nurturing the skin for a dewy, refreshed glow and lasting moisture.
Silica: Aids in enhancing bone health, alleviating inflammation, and promoting skin health, as well as contributing to improved hair and nail health
Kakadu Plum: Guarding cells, fortifying the immune system, and aiding skin and joint health

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