Supersia® is a functional food and beverage company established in 2016 in Sydney. We are a purpose driven brand which believes “food is medicine and medicine should come from food.”

Our passion for ancient and less explored ingredients resulted in our Source Wellness® range. We use nature’s most potent ingredients which are packed with unique health benefits.



Immune Support Drink

After extensive research, we sourced exotics ingredients from around the world and mindfully blended them in Australia.


The unique formula is then developed into super-effective Natural Wellness Drinks to cater to different health needs.


Source Wellness Natural Elixirs are handy to consume, one-shot immunity boosters. “Better for you” natural shots of goodness that improve energy for focus and concentrations, reduce stress, build immunity, improve digestion & gut health and support overall wellbeing.


We follow ethical processes and source ingredients sustainably.

Source Energy Boost naturally enhances your mental focus and provides energy. It’s a natural nootropic drink which aims to improve cognitive performance & memory and provide sustained energy for your body and mind.

Immune Support Drink
Lady Source Relax Feeling

Source Relax supports your body and mind—helping you feel calm and at peace. This is done through a unique and innovative formula using natural methods. Source Relax is perfect for those who often feel the need to ease down.

Source Gut improves gut health and digestion. Our innovative formula with organic roots and prebiotic fibre assists in improving gut microbiome and aids in digestive function. Regular consumption builds immunity and improves mood.

Source Gut feeling

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