Brand Protection

Supersia® takes the protection of its Brand very seriously and hopes that consumers know that anything carrying our trademark can be relied on. We own a huge global portfolio of registered and unregistered trademark rights and none of these trademark rights, or any confusingly similar signs, can be used without Supersia’s consent. Supersia takes infringements of its trademark rights very seriously and takes legal action against those responsible.

By buying counterfeit goods
• you will not get the quality you are used to from Supersia, so at the end of the day you pay a higher price for the goods you are receiving.
• you support criminals, and even terrorist groups, which finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit products, in addition to other methods.
• you support the production of goods which may be made under inhumane conditions and inadequate health and environmental standards.
• you increase your tax rate because the counterfeiters do not pay taxes like lawful companies, so the government will ultimately need to collect more taxes from you.

Supersia rigorously protects its absolute rights in its Brand and, as such, is interested in any background information regarding lookalike, copy-cat and/or counterfeit products. If a deal is too good to be true, you are probably facing a counterfeit product. In case you see any such products or have doubts regarding their authenticity, please contact us via brandprotection@supersia.com.au. The form or email communication also allows you to pass on any background information you may have and to ask questions regarding the authenticity of a Supersia branded product, or any related goods or services.

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