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About us

Source Wellness, one of Australia’s first Juice based Elixirs, where products are designed to better consumers at a cellular level.

Supersia is a functional food and beverage company established in 2016 in Sydney, and we believe that “Food is medicine and medicine should come from food”.

Our passion for ancient and unexplored ingredients resulted in our Source wellness range.

After extensive research of the wellness benefits from various Source ingredients from around the world, we have developed unique combinations of these ingredients. They are mindfully blended with juices in Australia to cater to different health needs.

We developed Source natural elixirs that are handy to consume in one shot drinks. Regular consumption may show great results for improving focus and concentration, reducing stress, improved immunity, better digestive system, and overall personal wellbeing.

Food is our medicine and our medicine should comes from food.

Our Company’s Core Believe


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